There are a lot of different paths that can bring someone to being a world-class street artist, some arrive there out of desperation, wanting to escape a situation or spread a political message; meanwhile others may be chasing fame and fortune or just trying to express a creative drive that keeps them painting. In the case of INTI, some of this may have played a part, however, he just seems to be one of those people who were made for it. Born in one of the street art capitals of the world (Valparaiso, Chile) into a family dedicated to the arts and music, it is no surprise that he would naturally gravitate to this kind of pastime. What is surprising is the degree to which he has excelled and the level to which he has helped raise his art-form. Painting intricate and large murals packed with symbolism and mythic figures, seemingly from a parallel world, the level of attention to detail in his artwork clearly reflects his formal training as a professional painter.

His success eventually lead him out of Chile, though his roots there remain strong and his Latin American influence, particularly influences related to indigenous peoples, continue to be an important component of his ongoing artistic expression. Today he resides mainly in Barcelona Spain where he continues painting large murals and also sells gallery pieces.