With artists such as Andrea Moreira, Ivan Casanova, Chester King Lucky, Made, NeoSudacas, Carla Bresciani and La Señora de los Graffs, the biennial “Haciendo Calle” moves out of its digital stage and goes to the walls of Nuevo Ceibos in the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil.

The festival started in June 2020 through social media due to the current pandemic, with a series of urban interventions by both national and international artists that went through August and were being updated through the festival’s Instagram account. However, the inhabitants of the Nuevo Ceibos locality reached out to the representatives of the festival with the intention of painting several murals, turning the so-far digital-only festival into a face-to-face event.

The project is led by researcher teacher María Fernanda López, in conjunction with muralist Carla Bresciani, and it’s centered on exposition, developing critical appreciations, and promoting a pedagogy between the artists and the community.

This face-to-face part marks the end of the first stage of the biennial festival that will have an additional stage in October. This next part of the event is already being developed and focuses on generating a platform and critical reflection to analyze the whole process on multiple levels. With the participation of communal representatives who will bring their opinion to the discussion, this year plans to have spectacular results.