The collective Fuga Muralista was born in the Venezuelan city of Mérida in 2013 and arose from the perceived need for more cultural representation in the streets of their city. This movement is made up of a multidisciplinary team of artists and professionals from various areas such as architecture, graphic, industrial design, production, film and photography, anthropology, among others. Together they work with lines and colors to portray their vocations in light of recovering their history and identity, not only of their professions, but also of their city and of their country.

The cultural artistic movement Fuga Muralista, through various works, aims to examine all of the cultural, ancestral, and religious manifestations from popular imagination. Through the use of various techniques, materials, and styles, they try to use the mural as a tool for training their members and for educating the public.

This group of young muralists, based on their academic training and moved by their creative spirit, have designed some of the most original works their country has seen. Defined by an avant-garde style with a conservative tint, they have created murals in emblematic places in different regions of Venezuela. With diverse themes that attract the attention of local populations, reception to their work has been very positive.

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