Francisco Díaz (better known as Pastel), is an Argentinian urban artist and architect who started painting on the street in 2001. Today, his work focuses on a critique of modern living; adding value to architectural structures by decorating them with sprawling flower gardens in the form of murals.

While on the surface his pieces seem simplistic and more decorative than artistic—typically arrangements of plants and other elements on a grand scale—a deeper look reveals that withIn his compositions, flora and fauna interact as conceptual tools that often symbolize events that took place in a certain area, resulting in works that encourage a dialogue between humanity and space, as well as the contrast between the industrial world and the natural world. Two recurring elements within his pieces are are arrow-shaped stones and flowers native to the place where he is painting. He developed this concept over many years based on personal  interpretations and experiences. Using various materials such as watercolor, tempera, and even technical drawing (due to his architect background), he is able to create works in which the organic and the figurative coexist in perfect harmony.

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