Despite multiple exhibitions of his work in galleries around the world, it seems this artist prefers to keep his name private and exhibits and paints murals under the pseudonym FLIX. A Venezuelan architect who graduated from the Central University of Venezuela in 2002, FLIX wants his pieces to not only captivate and grab the attention of the viewer, but also to break paradigms and wake people up in order to dissolve day-to-day monotony.

His aesthetic employs elements such as chromatic labyrinths, robots, stencils, and various creative scenarios. In this sense, he appropriates public spaces and uses them as a canvas for the activation of urban aesthetics. His pieces he says are all woven into a strategy for constructing new understandings of the urban setting.

While he considers himself an artist who seeks to generate a reaction from the public and who has inserted political commentary into some works, this is not necessarily the intention of his artistic discourse. He always makes sure that these features do not end up defining his overall style.

Urban interventions by FLIX tend to use of subtle strategies and his pieces aim at manifesting desires of the local population through renegotiating meaning and relationship. For example, a piece that reflect the desire for a park in a certain neighborhood, a hopscotch drawing that rises to the sky, or a bus stop full of color that makes it more enjoyable and playful.

FLIX’s work has taken him on a trip around the world and he continuously provides updates on his most recent creations. Feel free to have a look on his Instagram account: