Although this artist is not South American, we were always impressed when we came across one of his murals and we particularly admire “Las Tres Guerreras” in Cartagena and his collaboration known as “Splash” with Angelina Christina in São Paulo.

Findarr Dac, popularly known as Fin Dac, is a self-taught urban artist who was born in Ireland, raised in London, and who (we are told) resides part-time in Dublin. From an early age he showed a remarkable interest in art, with the intention of some day becoming a graphic designer. For various reasons he never completed a degree but rather realized his creative aspirations through painting remarkable works of street art in cities around the world.

Easily recognized by his trademark black and white “geisha” who are often dressed in vibrant clothing and make-up that masks the wearer and creates a unique contrast that always catches the eye. Another feature of his work is the use of a technique known as “urban aesthetics”—a spray paint style consisting of urban stencil art combined with traditional portraits that he has perfected over the years. When asked about his influences, he admits that gothic graphic novels and Aubrey Beardsley illustrations in particular have inspired his work greatly.

In a relatively short time, Fin Dac has managed to become one of the most influential and recognizable street artists around, leaving his mark on four different continents and proving that street art is a call that artists must let themselves follow wherever it leads them.

Fin Dac continues to astound us and if you want to see what he’s been up to recently have a look at his Instagram here — >