Elliot Tupac is one of the most renowned urban artists in Latin America. An expert in screen printing, calligraphy, and lettering; he has left his mark on cities across South America; a mixture of rebellious Chicha art (popularized by a musical movement in the 80s) and contemporary pop art.

With no formal education in art or design, Elliot learned everything he knows through the family tradition of Huancayo artisans, becoming a preserver and promoter of his craft. His spontaneous calligraphic style and colorful prints are instantly recognizable whenever you see one of his large murals. His pieces are filled with vibrant and overpowering colors and many appear almost indistinguishable from advertising poster. In them, you can find inspiring messages or slogans such as: “Peru isn’t Lima” “Before, I dreamed” “The power of blood” or “Love cures.” Often using metaphor and symbolism to evoke strong emotions from his viewers.

Elliot Tupac’s work and career have served to revitalize and re-contextualize the trade of draftsman; a popular profession in his native Peru as well as across South America. His work has been exhibited in a number of galleries in Latin America, the USA, Europe, Asia, and in the Middle East; and, he himself has participated in countless urban art events and helped develop conferences on art and Lettering.

With his own personal style developed through his early profession, Elliot continues to bring his unique vision of Peruvian culture to a whole new audience. If you want to see more, you can follow him via his Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/elliottupac/