Elian Chali is an Argentinian street artist and muralist, born and raised in the city of Córdoba. He began painting at the age of 16 and by the age of 20, was completely dedicated to the arts. Although he possesses a degree in graphic design, his training has been mostly self-taught and he attributes his skill as an urban artist mainly to things learned from other people and participation in countercultural circuits that he always gravitates towards when he arrives in a new place. According to Chali, traveling to different places and having a wide range of life experiences is the most valuable thing for living a rewarding life. Now, with pieces spread across 32 different countries, Chali says it’s difficult to say with certainty the exact number of pieces he’s created to date.

While his influences and techniques vary, Chali pieces tends to incorporate large geometrical shapes, abstraction, and occasionally sociopolitical messages. The purpose of his pieces he says, is to put on the table the social issues that occur around him, as well as highlight the beauty of the places where his art installations are placed. In recent years he has turned his technique a bit towards perspectivism to draw attention to the dynamism of the cities he paints. With this approach and using a plethora of bright solid colors, he strives to show the changes and evolutions of cityscapes. After finishing the first stage of a work he then adds elements such as layers, overlays, and geometry that contrast with the gray tone of the surrounding walls. His canvases of choice for these pieces are buildings, cultural centers, museums, town halls, and even the floors of soccer fields.

Elian Chali has regular updates of his work on his Instagram account, which you can follow by clicking this link: https://www.instagram.com/elianchali/