Dasic Fernández is a Chilean born artist but has lived and worked in New York for 11 years. Fernández, whose work is characterized by the use of rivulets of color floating upwards from his subjects, has painted dozens of large murals not only in Chile but also in countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Canada, and the United States. In September 2016 The New York Times recognized him after being the only Latin American selected to paint a mural at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami during its renovation.

His influences come from a strong political education, hip-hop culture, and years of architectural studies; and you can sense in his work a kind of light impressionism with political undertones. He has stated that his goal while painting is to be happy and to make people recognize and identify with their own happiness. He says that he hopes his murals bring some positive energy to the neighborhoods where they are painted.

Currently, he says his process involves taking photographs and then sketching in details and adding effects to bring out a sort of hyper-realistism. We saw several of Fernández’s large murals around Santiago de Chile in 2018/19 and we have to say they are really eye-catching. When he’s not planning or painting new murals, Fernández dedicates himself to organizing and teaching his way of understanding and applying art.

You can check out his latest pieces on his Instagram account here: https://www.instagram.com/dasicfernandez/