Decertor is the alias of the Peruvian artist Daniel Cortez, a self-taught painter active since 2005. Decertor got his start when he was following the rising hip-hop scene of Callao, a city near Lima considered by many to be a dangerous area. It is here that he met several graffiti enthusiasts who inspired him to start down the path towards becoming a street artist. Now, years later he has become one of the most renowned urban artists of Perú.

At some point, this artist adopted a pre-Columbian aesthetic, thoughtful and realistic, with his main influence being everyday life. His art aimed at representing the people, and his murals aimed at personifying those in society who deserve a better life and those who have come before who should not be forgotten. Under this slogan, Decertor began to receive commissions from ordinary citizens who wanted to commemorate their relatives in murals.  Because the project had the added benefit of decorating deteriorated and abandoned spaces in the process, it became very popular. Eventually, his career led him to other cities around the world, and most recently, he joined a group of international artists who left their mark on the Dubai Street Museum Project.

Decertor has occasionally collaborated with several other artists, mainly Elliot Túpac (also Peruvian), an incredible lettering artist who paints brilliant 80s inspired posters that adorn the streets of Lima. Their individual processes have reached a point where they perfectly complement each other’s style, achieving unique results. Apart from Elliot, Decertor also occasionally collaborates with an artist known as Jade and the three of these artists together are the main actors in the urban art scene in Peru.

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