Claudio Ethos (born in São Paulo, 1982), is a renowned Brazilian urban artist with an amazing collection of impressive large-scale murals. Employing a very unique style, his fanciful and bizarre characters―often rendered in 3d―tend to transform the places where they are located.

Starting at the age of fifteen after lots of practice scribbling in notebooks―as time passed Claudio’s murals increased in size and complexity as he perfected his unique surrealist style. Today he is one of the most recognized figures in the street art scene with murals not just in Brazil but in cities around the world and a number of exhibitions under his belt.

Not only the scale of this work, but also the way his illustrations tend to utilize a minimalistic color palette never ceases to amaze us. His style is meant to connect the viewer with the surreal and unconscious energy of the city and many of his characters are depicted as either anxious or struggling. He is quoted as saying that his characters are meant to depict emotional and spiritual states with no accurate definitions. Much of what he paints is captured through observing the world around him and trying to translate what he sees into images using his intuition. Now with 322 posts as of the writing of this article, Claudio Ethos’ numerous creations can be admired via his Instagram account at @claudioethos