Carla Bresciani is a well known name in the Ecuadorian street art scene of Guayaquil; working with a group of other artists who hope for a more cultural city. Carla entered into Street art, like so many, out of sheer curiosity and ended up getting hooked to the point where she left her work as a visual artist to put all her energy into painting walls.

Carla’s paintings are currently focused on the conservation of ecosystems and environmental care; she wants her art to generate awareness in people. Her main sources of inspiration are care for nature and female empowerment.

In some of Carla’s murals you can see how her characters are influenced by Valdivia culture. One of the oldest settled cultures in the Americas, Carla admires this culture for the importance they gave to women and how she thinks that those values could be important in today’s society. She also portrays surreal humanoid beings in an energetic environment and how they can change shape with a particular level of energy.

Carla’s art is getting more people interested in urban art and is raising awareness with here environmental perspective. She feels street art should reflect the values of local communities and hopes Guayaquil and other cities of the world will be cleaner and filled with cultural.

You can follow Carla’s work on her Instagram account: