Growing out of the Bogota Punk scene and lead by graphic designer and activist Andrés Montoya, the collective known as “Toxicómano” has been producing edgy and politically motivated works on the streets of Bogota for decades now. One of their most controversial and dramatic pieces was a giant black skull painted in 2017 with the message “Peligro de Muerte” (In danger of dying) and a counter that was repainted every time another victim died of political violence. The demonstration lasted one month and was designed to denounces the murder of social leaders in Colombia–especially in rural areas–who were thought to have been assassinated by state forces who saw them as being obstructionists and a threat to state power. Apart from intensely political statements like this, the majority of the pieces they create carry messages like “somos de todos” (we are for all) and “los feos somos mas” (we the ugly are better), a populist message designed to make people think more deeply about all the marketing and image manipulation they are exposed to. Although they are not completely anti-capitalist and describe themselves as for-profit punks, their message is definitely in opposition to large-scale imperialistic capitalism that they feel monopolizes public image and exploits the many for the profit of the few.