Alfredo Segatori, also known as “El Pelado” (“bald man” in English) is an Argentinian urban muralist who has been creating street art since 1989 using his signature freehand spray technique. Considered a pioneers and one of the most recognized Argentinian exponents of street art and urban muralism; he was one of the first artists to paint the walls of the city of Buenos Aires. He also carries out sculptural interventions with scrap metal and other recycled elements, and tours different places with his Bondi Gallery (a traveling gallery mounted on a Mercedes-Benz 911).

Born and raised in the Floresta neighborhood of Buenos Aires, his path began in the late 80s when the trade was more commonly associated with vandalism than with art. Around that time he was working for a company creating scenography through which he traveled to Brazil where he made friends with some graffiti artists. Later, he would get caught up in the graffiti movement which would eventually lead him to his great passion in life, street art.

Self-taught and versatile, he tends to work from abstraction at the beginning of a project, improvising with color and shape as a work progresses. He also finds inspiration in everyday characters and has shown a preference for making huge murals that completely cover buildings. Also, being one of the first urban artists in his country, he had to forge his own path with some inspiration from foreign painters who cam e before him such as Antonio Berni, Ricardo Carpani, Carlos Regazzoni, Orozco, Siqueiros, Diego Rivera, and Frida Kahlo. He has stated that he admires their variety in use of styles and themes, and that they knew how to innovate.

Alfredo Segatori also teaches Urban Aerosol courses. Additionally, he is a producer and organizer of cultural events. He carries out the Artistic Direction and Curation of Combined Arts Shows in places of great recognition, for example, the Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo; German Embassy in Buenos Aires; Embassy of Brazil in Buenos Aires, among other important exhibition centers where many artists from different disciplines and countries participate.

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