Alex Senna’s work is born out of the language of illustration, comic books, and graffiti. Based off of these genre, he builds in to each piece a story with an important poetic or entertaining message. For the last few years, he has been especially focused on observing human relationships in order to portray them in his paintings.

Deceptively simple in appearance, many of his murals include symbols that we have all used in our drawings since we were kids; things like birds, musical notes, hearts, trees, a sun in the sky… Another interesting feature that characterizes his art is that he always paints in black and white; not out of preference necessarily, but rather due to the fact that he is color blind.

Using a minimalistic graphic style, due to his influences, and a minimalistic color palate, due to his color blindness, Alex Senna has filled countless city walls, shops interiors, and other vertical surfaces with his uniquely rendered heartwarming scenes. Through his urban art, Alex is able to establish a sort of dialogue with passers by. His use of characters such as couples, grandparents or melancholic people appearing in day-to-day activities invite the viewer to reflect on their own life experience.

This Brazilian artist affirms that his purpose is to help us remember in our day-to-day lives familiar moments that have helped shape our character; for example, couples enjoying each other’s company, friends conversing, a special moment in time, a romance, an emotion… In this way it is his hope that people are able to put aside the stresses and obligations of life in order to let themselves be carried away by fond memories or by the moment at hand.

Senna regularly updates his Instagram where you can view his previous and most recent works: