Alejandro Molina, better known by his pseudonym Hamk Trazos, is an urban artist from Caracas, Venezuela who over the years has filled the streets of the capital city. His designs seek to raise awareness of childhood issues through characters that children can relate to, most notably the characters “Los Menores.”

From a very young age he felt an affinity to graffiti and, thanks to his dedication, managed to get his message out on the streets of his city. His artistic name “Hamk Trazos” is a combination of the initials of his names and surnames, adding the word “trazos” (meaning “sketch” in English) which is how he begins every mural that he creates.

Hamk Trazos began painting murals in 2016 and the most common theme in his paintings is children wearing hats that carry a message that teaches society how to care for them. In this way, he hopes to bring back family values that he feels are no longer seen in homes today. He depicts characters that, despite adversity, always maintain a positive outlook on life.

The project was conceived thanks to his younger sister, who he had to care for in the absence of his father; an experience that allowed him to understand many things about the importance of a stable family. In a sense, he learned about the important role adults play in the lives of children today. Inspired by the youngest of the household, these memories continue to drive his work today.

You can follow Hamk Trazos’s work on his Instagram account: