The sociocultural project 33 Grados International Festival of Urban Art, is an initiative of the 33 Grados Production Company directed by the Uruguayan Jesús Catsouris and the Italian Desiree Ruggiero who address problems in various neighborhoods by seeking integration, participation, and commitment.

The second edition of the festival will take place from January 18 to 26, in the city of Mercedes, from the Soriano department of Uruguay. Around 30 artists from different countries will be painting walls and facades of buildings in different parts of the city.  One of the objectives of the festival is to position Mercedes as the largest open-air art gallery in the country and seeking to restore and revalue public spaces through mural painting, workshops, and other activities. It is hoped this will add value and a sense of belonging through the active participation of the neighboring communities.

This second edition will once again have the participation of urban artists, and this time, sculptors, as well as musicians, designers, dancers, body paint professionals, and performance artists. Repeating last year’s success, the event planned five new murals open to popular participation, conferences, workshops, public demonstrations, and a fair.

The diversity of techniques and styles is what makes this event practically unique in the country for its complete dynamics and its interaction with the public.